Why don't you have a relief valve fitted?

We manufacture our Catch Cans to comply with ADR’s, we don’t have relief valves on our catch cans as they are not allowed to vent into the atmosphere and would be illegal. Even if it was legal to do so we still wouldn't run one. For vehicles that have overflowing cans - due to non servicing, we believe that having oil spill out into your engine bay and potentially near costly items and near your wheels & brakes, would be a very bad idea.

How much oil should I expect out of the can?

Every vehicle is different!

Most vehicles aren’t run in until 10-20,000km. If you have fitted one of our cans on a brand new vehicle we still recommend draining it at 10,000kms.

We generally see 80ml – 150ml every 10,000kms.

How often do I need to drain the can?

The catch cans are designed to hold 350ml, by having this capacity the service schedule of every 10,000kms.

Do I need to service the can?

We also recommend full cleanout with new steel wool and oring every 40,000km. Purchase price is $10.00 inc GST.

Where are the Billet Cans made?

All cans, barbs & brackets are made in S.E Queensland - all other components are sourced from Australian wholesalers.